Good News! Your Company Expense Account Now Includes Medical Expenses!

Dear Valued Employees, we are pleased to announce we have added medical expenses to your company provided expense account effective immediately………..

By Bill Rusteberg

You will be reimbursed for your for hospital care, surgical procedures, prescription drugs, office visits and most other medical expenses.

Reimbursement is provided within certain parameters just like every other business expense covered under our company expense account. As you are aware, food and lodging is limited to $200 per day. Medical expense reimbursement is treated similarly, limited to Medicare reimbursement rates while certain surgical reimbursement rates are limited to the Oklahoma Surgical Center pricing schedule (

As an example, if you have a hip replacement we will reimburse you up to $15,499 which is the current price at the Oklahoma Surgical Center. Your food & lodging expenses are covered in addition as well as our special Medical Expense Travel Reimbursement Bonus of $2,000, cash money.

Of course where you go for medical care is your business. How it’s paid is ours.

You are free to choose any provider, anywhere, anytime. If you have a hip replacement inĀ  Houston for $50,000, we will reimburse you $15,499. If you have it at the Oklahoma Surgical Center, we will reimburse you the entire cost plus you will earn a $2,000 cash bonus.

Your company issued credit card will be loaded to cover your medical expenses (because we love you). Just present your card at the time of service and funds will be deposited directly to the provider’s bank account within minutes.

Now for the best part……………..moving from a go anywhere, pay any price traditional medical insurance plan to a smarter way to pay for health care, we are gifting all employees the raises they deserve which heretofore have been paid to our health insurance carrier to reimburse them for out of control annual rate increases they have failed to control which, of course, we have been funding all along with your money.