White Flag Plan Sponsors Need An Intervention

By Bill Rusteberg

White Flag plan sponsors are those employers who cower to the Great American Health Care Industrial complex, willingly prostrating themselves to continued abuse at the hands of hospital administrators, insurance companies and a host of third party intermediaries.

These parasites are sucking away 20% of America’s gross domestic product, lining their pockets at the expense of the American middle class.

A few brave plan sponsors are fighting back. They are not tulip lovers, tip toeing through the tulips. They are cliff dwellers not afraid to dive into shark infested waters with an eye to winning. And winning they are.

Medical trend? A fairy tale exposed. Status quo managed care hospital contracts? Secret ingredients no more. Charge-master rates? Developed on Fantasy Island. Cost of care? A figment of a hospital administrator’s imagination. Insurance companies? A hospital’s best friend and co-conspirator. Working independent physicians? Getting screwed right along with cowering White Flag plan sponsors.

White Flag plan sponsors cower not only to the American health care industrial complex, they cower to their entitlement minded employees as well. These poor bastards get it from both ends.

A handful of brokers have become practiced agents in the science of Intervention. Intervention is a process used successfully in rescuing clueless victims from cult slavery, or self-destructive behavior. All have PHD’s in common sense, reason and logic.

White Flaggers need an intervention although they don’t know it. Brokers and consultants practiced in intervention techniques are essential if a White Flagger is to be saved. They are not “Me Too” brokers, they are not apologists. They speak in hard cold truth backed by irrefutable evidence of proven risk management strategies that have worked for others with good success.

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