Cost Plus – Paying Less For The Same Coverage

Cost Plus groups pay less for the same coverage. It is that simple.  What better way is there to save on medical costs than by paying providers less?

Providers have the right to appeal claims which will end up with either one of  two outcomes; they either win or they lose. If they lose, providers can sue. If they sue, the Cost Plus group is indemnified by an outside insurance policy.

Attempts by providers to balance bill the patient becomes a non-issue, fast.

Cost Plus clients do not rely on contracts with medical care facilities much like consumers don’t have contracts with their local grocery store.

The first Cost Plus group  who led the Cost Plus revolution in Texas was Bill Miller Bar B Q in San Antonio – Bill Miller Forbes. Their story has been repeated by over 50 other Texas employers since.

There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions in the marketplace these days regarding the Cost Plus revolution. If you have any specific questions that need truthful answers, write