Underworld of Cadaver Trafficking Unveiled

Harvard Medical School donated body parts for scientific research are being trafficked. Photo credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta

As a Massachusetts man grappled with the agonizing grip of lung cancer, his selfless choice to donate his body to Harvard Medical School represented his noble hope of saving others from such torture, as outlined in a horrifying lawsuit filed in Suffolk Superior Court.

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Gayle Brekke – Primary Care Mindset

I’m watching the line of young MDs file past me to be hooded, I’m feeling a range of emotions. Happy for them, of course, that they succeeded in a difficult and important endeavor. But also sad that many of them, especially those going into family medicine, have little idea what’s in store for them working in “the system.” It is nearly certain that they will quickly feel overwhelmed, frustrated and maybe even deceived, just like so many family docs working in “the system” today.” – Gayle Brekke

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