Working Smart – It’s All About Destroying Relationships

By Charles Specht

I love this stuff! Targeting signed Broker of Record Letters makes so much more sense than blindly quoting policy renewals, throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks, and “hoping for the best.”

Stop quoting and start winning! A signed BOR is the trophy. When you get one, you know you’ve won.

If there is one thing that will help you get more signed BOR’s it is having a well-thought out Timeline of Services that is micro-niched for the prospect’s industry, focuses on services that are both insurance- and non-insurance-related, and gives specific dates over a 12-month period, outlining what you will be doing for the prospect and who will be doing it.

Your prospect has no idea what doing business with you and your agency would look like and the Timeline of Services removes doubt while also increasing clarity going forward. The 12-Month TIMELINE OF SERVICES is critical for getting signed Broker of Record Letters (regardless of the size accounts you’re pursuing), which is why it’s the 7th module in my “Millionaire Producer School” digital course.