Unique Defined Contribution Plan for Voluntary Benefits

What if a plan existed where employees could get what they wanted regardless of their health status and regardless of group participation requirements?


A Defined Contribution Plan meets the challenges head on and is a brand new concept in benefit planning. It is designed specifically for small employer groups that have 2-99 employees and have a desire to expand their benefits portfolio of offerings at minimal cost to their bottom lines. DC Plans have the following advantages:

 Employers contribute a minimal fixed dollar amount ($15/month). Employees pay the remainder of the premium, if any, for any plans they pick on a voluntary basis.

 All plans have GUARANTEED-ISSUE underwriting for life, disability, dental, and vision insurance coverages, so no one can be turned down.

 All plans have NO PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS for life, disability, dental, or vision coverages, so plans can be issued with only 1-2 participants.

 All employees only pick the benefits they need.

 All plans are paid for through payroll deduction.

 Voluntary life is up to $100K (employee) / $50K (spouse) – GUARANTEED ISSUE, and up to $250K – SIMPLIFIED-ISSUE.

 Voluntary disability is available both short-term and long-term (up to age 65)

 Voluntary dental is open access, but also has a network to maximize benefits. Annual maximums up to $2,000 are available, as well as $2,000 per child for orthodontia.

 Voluntary vision is available for exam only or exam/materials. The exam only plan is under $1.50/month and fills the gap for those major medical plans that do not cover the exam.

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