Union Urges School District To Consider New Era Health Care Strategies


The Brownsville Independent School District, like many public schools across Texas, is facing mounting, crippling health care costs through their self-funded health insurance program.

A recent Request for Proposal process (which is still active) calls for continued status quo solutions, asking respondents to duplicate the current program including accessing traditional managed care contracts.

An earlier posting on this blog (The Power of Labor Unions In Addressing Health Care) describes the power labor unions can weld towards solving health care in this country and includes a video of a BISD insurance committee meeting wherein a union member voices his concerns that non-traditional strategies were not being considered in the RFP process but should be.

In a subsequent board meeting, those concerns were addressed again by a member of a different union.

Here is an update to that posting: Go to 1:33 to see union power at play: