TSHBP 2023-2024 Rates

THSBP member school districts will be facing higher health insurance costs for 2023-2024. Not all member districts will be paying the same rates.

It appears TSHBPs primary care plan and high deductible plan rates may be going up at a minimum 15%. The third plan option, Aetna, appears to be going up by substantially more than that.

Based on a small sampling of rates, using the High Deductible plan as the base, rates for the Primary Care plan are about +12% higher than the High Deductible plan. Rates for the Aetna plan are about +40% higher than the High Deductible plan.

That sounds about right since the Aetna plan is a traditional PPO plan and the other plans are not. The Aetna plan is likely “eating their lunch” and the new rates are designed to (1) Drive members to the lower cost plans and (2) Set appropriate rates to cover the risk.

Member school districts would be wise to ask for a copy of the plan’s financials and underwriter notes.

Click here for a sampling of rates among a handful of TSHBP covered school districts.

More Examples of 2023-2024 TSHBP Rates:

2023-24-TSHBP Public-School-Partners