The Great American Rx Ripoff – But No One Seems To Care

Drug pricing in this country is a scam but most plan sponsors are doing nothing about it. That makes them complicit.

They continue to maintain an open check book while the American middle class continues to disappear. As long as “insurance” continues to pay using your money (yes, it’s your money) drug companies will continue to increase pricing at will.

One county decided enough was enough. They import Canadian drugs through their self-funded health plan and have saved millions. Yesterday we reviewed a claim repricing study on a San Antonio group we manage. They would have saved $600,000 last year on maintenance drugs had they taken advantage of Canadian Rx importation.

Excerpts from the article in the link below:

“The average wholesale price for a month’s worth of the cancer treatment imatinib (generic Gleevec) is $9,657, which you could cut to $120 with a coupon from the drug-tracking company GoodRx. Meanwhile, Cuban’s company offers a one-month supply for just $47.”

“ You got 90 percent off, but the number you got the price off is completely made up. And it’s crazy,” he said of the current system. “So, that’s how we’re able to get the price down to $47 for a month’s supply.”