Mining For Gold In Health Care Finance

Health Care Disruptor Discovers Mother Lode


Thousands of pages, hundreds of documents, reams of case law, and more hours than we cared to count later…Somewhere deep in the research, we found it……………..

The secret to fair healthcare rates wasn’t hiding in a major overhaul of our system or a loophole. It was in the rights that we all have and a few proprietary processes we discovered. The solution, however, was complex and for most, would require some kind of advocate to help navigate.

Hiding in Plain Sight

The answers were there, so we turned to our legal support to learn how to bring them to those stuck in the maze of never-ending hoops, rules, and increasingly expensive medical bills. It wasn’t that people and employers didn’t have rights, it was that those protections require medical knowledge, extensive networks, and real-time advice and advocacy. For most of us, the complexity and cost of healthcare is overwhelming…making us feel like the path to affordable, quality healthcare has permanently washed away, leaving us without a bridge to attainable, systemic change.

Highlight Health Bridged the Gap, Allowing Access to Affordable Healthcare

After exhaustive research, we found the answer. We also realized that unless you have your own team of lawyers, and an advocate or two, it would be nearly impossible for average people to do for themselves. As we developed our plan to change the healthcare landscape, we realized something else; self-funding companies are paying these inflated rates, too.

We developed a unique approach to advocacy, and went out and found a few brave souls that were willing to try it. It worked. It kept working. We saved millions of dollars for people, saw lives starting to change. We had to bring this to more people, it works.

Now, we’re going to save money for millions more people.


Highlight Health provides affordable healthcare solutions to workers who aren’t eligible for traditional insurance, as well as proprietary processes for self-funded health plans to help control costs.

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