The Future Of Employer Sponsored Health Care Financing

“The future ain’t what it used to be” – Yogi Berra

Cash pay health plans, funded through employer sponsored plan assets, are the future of group health care benefits for working Americans. Savings over insurance based health care are 50% and more.

Couple a Cash Pay Centric Health Plan in partnership with Direct Primary Care physicians with a Reference Based Pricing wrap with a big pink bow on top and you will reduce spend by 50% and more while removing all financial barriers to health care for plan members.

We have been managing Cash Pay Centric Health plans with good success. Hospitals are paying attention. One major hospital system approached us last month expressing an interest in entering into a cash pay provider agreement for all in-patient and out-patient services at one of their hospitals with the promise of including more hospitals once proof-of-concept is realized and quantified. We believe more hospitals are preparing for a cash-pay future.

Few insurance brokers and consultants are pushing this strategy. Those that are can easily be found. Health Rosetta is a good source for broker referrals.