Public Bidding – Wasted Days…………

This is why we don’t bid on insurance consulting services………………..

Mercedes Independent School District is out to bid for an insurance consultant. The last one quit. The one before that was fired.

Six bidders responded to the RFP. Their RFP responses are now public record for everyone to see. (There may even be pictures and tape recordings, God forbid).

  • Barrett Insurance
  • Financial Benefit Service
  • First Financial
  • Marsh Mclellan
  • Ortegon Insurance
  • Valley Risk Consulting

All six are to make a presentation at the February 21 board meeting followed by a vote by the board of trustees minutes later to award the contract. May the best presenter win.

Five of these six poor bastards will be attending only to lose. Travel, lodging, and other expenses including the cost of responding to the RFP averages a lot more than a trip to South Padre Island for the weekend. But practice does make perfect.

I’d rather spend the weekend at South Padre Island.

One would think the decision to award has likely been made already. It appears that way to us. But we could be wrong.

Smart money places Valley Risk Consulting to win. Any takers?


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