Texas Legislature – The Jockeying Begins

“And They’re Off!”

The next biennial Texas legislative session begins January 10, 2023 and it’s going to be a doozy, action packed with a significant number of bills to be introduced related to insurance matters.

The first day of filing was November 15 with 921 bills filed which is an indication of a very busy legislative session next year.

Pay particular attention to filings affecting the TRS ActiveCare government health plan. Read the Segal Report for clues.

Senate Bill 41 is an example of one insurance related bill among the 921 bills introduced on the first day of filing:


                     Sec. 537A.0101.  PROGRAM OBJECTIVE. The principal objective

              of the program is to provide primary and preventative health care

              through high deductible program health benefit plans to eligible


“Participant” means an individual who is: 
                    (A)  enrolled in a program health benefit plan; or
                    (B)  receiving health care financial assistance

87(3) SB 41 – Introduced version – Bill Text (texas.gov)