Battle of The Blues

Blue Cross of Texas is betting on Red & Black – they can’t lose. But wait! A Fifth Column arises funded by Blue Cross of Alabama…………

For the first time in 20 years TRS ActiveCare member school districts can leave the Texas Blue Cross government health plan. Now we see Blue Cross competing against itself and another Blue Cross plan playing spoiler.

2023 will be an interesting year for Texas school districts seeking competitive health insurance for their employees. TASB, TML and Blue Cross have partnered to offer an alternative to TRS ActiveCare’s Blue Cross plan.

Blue Cross is betting on Red and Black – they can’t lose. Blue Cross of Alabama, through their wholly owned TPA subsidiary, is actively soliciting Texas school business too. This will go down in insurance history as the Battle of The Blues.

Today TASB – TML – Blue Cross placed a shot across the bow with an email solicitation to Texas school districts:

Are you considering whether to stay with TRS-ActiveCare, or go with another health care plan? Read some tips to help you make this important decision.

When looking at healthcare options, let our team guide you through the decision-making process to see if the TASB Benefits Health Plan – empowered by TML Health Benefits Pool – is right for your district.  With the TASB Benefits Health Plan, you get: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Network
Largest PPO network in the state with contracting providers in all 254 Texas counties Rate Stability
TML Health Plan’s 37,000+ member risk pool helps stabilize rates that result in cost savings for members Equity Renewal Credits
Access to a program that’s given out $18M in renewal credits to employer participants Retention Rate
With a 99% retention rate, members appreciate exceptional customer service, coverage options, and wellness benefits If you wish to talk to us about the TASB Health Benefits Plan, call us at 800-558-8875 or email
TASB Benefits Health Plan. We have you covered.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Network | Rate Stability | Equity Renewal Credits
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