Risk Management: “Having The Right Culture Is Key”

Does best in class risk management pivot on personalities?

Before you waste too much time with a prospect, its best to determine up front if they are a fit for your strategies to control and lower risks. Compatibility and shared philosophies should be determined during your first interview (Yes, you are interviewing the prospect but they don’t know it). That meeting will either be your last or it could be the start of something amazing.

By Daniel Sani Simões

Risk Management.

This is a topic that we’ll find in every company, business, activity…

The more accurate and detailed we look at the factors that contribute to our enterprise risks the more we can predict their results and thus enable us to either focus on the deep analysis of the impacts and the Quality of the actions taken.

To build up a Culture of Risk Evaluation and Lessons Learned is key to any business. Leveraging people knowledge and experience helps out either boosting this process and anticipating new ones.