Quote Your Group in as Few as Two Minutes!

What took days now takes 2 minutes. Lunch in New York, dinner in London. Instant mail vs snail mail. Next thing you know an employer sponsored health insurance sales cycle will reduce from months or years to hours or minutes at the snap of a finger…………

Power On Simplicity

SOURCE: Self-Funding Reimagined and Simplified – Health In Tech

Simple really is better. That’s why our self-funded plans have disrupted the industry by integrating everything for everyone. With over 30 years of experience, we understand all aspects of healthcare, and our proprietary technology solutions make self-funding easy, streamlined, affordable, and accessible for everyone involved.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: On our P&C side this is nothing new. We can quote and bind coverage in minutes, and email the policy to the insured instantly. Our Mexico P&C business is just as fast – quoting and binding auto liability takes less than five minutes with proof of coverage emailed at the same time.