Poor Lisita!

One of this blog’s three readers sent the following sad story in response to one of our recent posts (Yikes)

 Poor Martita!  What about poor Lisita????
She’s a sixty year old Floridian who is losing the individual UHC policy she’s been fortunate to have in 2016 and will be forced to accept a dreaded Florida Blue policy for 2017 – the only option left in her county.  She is a bit more fortunate in that she gets to choose a PPO….but her deductible is $6350 and her premium is increasing from $734/month to $899/month!  2017 will be her third year in an ACA plan…..before UHC, in 2015, she had an Assurant Health plan for $632/month, so the 2017 increase is even greater…..funny thing is she hasn’t submitted a single claim since ACA began….and should she happen to bother getting sick (and it would be a bother, mind you!) she will pay even more than Martita in 2017 – $17,138 in premiums and deductible alone…..
Sounds like Lisita and Martita need to start a club….or at least a company just big enough so that they can self insure!!!