Plain Ole Health Plan Continues Legacy Cost Containment Strategies

SETTING THE STAGE WITH SOME BAD NEWS: “Every year, the cost of medical services across the country increases, and Texas is not immune to that trend.”

LEGACY SOLUTION TO THE RESCUE – THROW MORE MONEY AT THE PROBLEM: “The Texas legislature has taken action to lessen the impact of that reality on TRS-ActiveCare rates with a contribution of $588.5 million.”

COST SHIFTING MEASURES TOUTED: “The legislative contribution, along with TRS’ aggressive cost containment measures, will keep costs lower than state and national average cost trends this upcoming plan year.”

LEGACY SOLUTION – THROW EVEN MORE (MUCH MORE) MONEY AT THE PROBLEM: “In addition, Plano ISD leadership approved an increase to the District’s monthly contribution from $315 to $330 as part of the 2023-2024 compensation plan. (See premium chart on page 3).”