Pele & Mike The Insurance Guy

By Bill Rusteberg

Upon learning of Pele’s passing today I found myself reminiscing about a chance encounter I had with Pele’s life insurance broker several years ago.

While visiting Washington DC five years ago, I ended each day with a short visit to Off The Record, a bar located at the Hay-Adams Hotel across the street from the White House. This place is always packed with interesting people and I had occasion to meet a few of them. 

Sitting at the bar one evening I struck up a conversation with a fellow to my left. His name was Jonathan Moulton, son of the late R.E. Moulton, one of the nation’s leading stop loss insurance intermediaries of his time. I knew his father back in the day.

To the right of me was Mike. He was a well dressed older man in bow tie sipping his bourbon & water as he listened to the banter next to him as Johnathon and I spoke in insurance speak foreign to most ears. It wasn’t foreign to Mike as he soon joined in our conversation.

Johnathon knew instantly who he was and reached out to shake his hand as I sat in the middle wondering who Mike was and why Johnathon was so excited to meet him in person. I asked Mike, “Who are you?”

“Are you kidding!” Johnathon said, “He’s the world’s greatest life insurance salesman!”

I quickly confirmed Mike was indeed the world’s greatest life insurance salesman because he told me he was. When  I asked him if he was bigger and better than Ben Feldman, without hesitation he said “YES, I’M BIGGER AND BETTER!”

“Tell us about some of your best clients and how you got their business” I said.

“Pele!” responded Mike. I have Pele insured for millions but it wasn’t easy!” said Mike. He went on to describe the underwriting process and how his team had to convince Pele to agree to abstain from certain activities so he could pass the medical exam to qualify for preferred standard rating.

I expect Mike and his staff will be busy in the coming days assisting Pele’s estate in settling his life insurance policy.

The world will miss you Pele!


Michael J. Krupin, CLU, has ranked among the top 1% of life insurance producers for the majority of his career, spanning over 40 years. His success through the years results from his commitment to always represent the client, never the carrier, and to remain independent, consistent, trustworthy, flexible and enthusiastic. As a result of this philosophy, Michael attracts clients including the nation’s leading A-list individuals in entertainment, sports, business and healthcare, and has handled cases worth over $100 million.

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