Pacesetter Provides Self-Funded Option For Groups of 5+

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Now groups with as few as 5 employees can take advantage of self funding…….

Why Pacesetter? Because your Employer clients deserve greater control, better value, and choices in designing and developing their Company health plan. Now groups with as few as 5 employees can take advantage of self funding. Help spread the word – earn a bonus for every qualified broker referral (see details below).

Benefit Highlights:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fully integrated cost containment
  • Maximum monthly and annual contributions for the Plan Sponsor
  • HSA compatible plan options
  • No lasering – first year or renewal
  • Historical claims experience not required for currently fully insured groups

Overview of the Pacesetter Stop Loss Program:

  • Aggregated Stop Loss Coverage provided by an insurance carrier rated “A-” by A.M. Best
  • Administered by Universal Fidelity Administrators Company (UFAC)
  • ERISA program, no state mandates
  • Fully transparent rates, costs and expenses

Contract Considerations:

  • Aggregate Stop Loss Coverage
  • 12/18 Contract (claims incurred in the 12 month contract year and paid in the contract year or six months following)
  • Advanced Monthly Accommodation included on all accounts at no cost

Minimum Group Requirements:

  • 5 Employees (maximum group size 150)
  • 75% participation of Eligible Employees
  • 50% Employer Contribution towards Employee cost
  • True Employer/Employee relationship

For complete highlights of the Pacesetter Aggregate Stop Loss Program, click the links below:

Marketing Package

Agent Instructions

Employer Handout

National Health Insurance – Best’s Rating Report

Disclosure Form – New

Employee Enrollment Form

Employer Group Health Data Form

Sample Quote

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