Numbers Never Lie, Do They?


A recent request under the Open Records Act has produced an interesting dialog between the requestor and the custodian of public information:

Requestor:  In reviewing the information you provided, 2 + 2 = 4

Custodian of public information:   Where did you get that…………..I just don’t see it!       2 + 2 = 5 for sure!

Seems that three high school principles were out of town on school business, and late that night, in search of a hotel room, found the Sweet Dream Hotel on Wurzbach. The approached the hotel clerk, inquiring about available rooms and were told that there was only one left, and that the nightly rate was $30. Since it was late at night, and the three were tired after a long day representing their school district at a grueling seminar, they agreed to rent the room for the night. Each paid the clerk $10 for a total of $30, which was the nightly rate.

An hour later the hotel clerk realized he over charged the men for the room. The daily rate was only $25. So, the clerk instructed the Bell Hop to take $5 to room 213 to give the men a refund. On the way to the room, the Bell Hop, being a democrat, decided he was going to pay each of the three men $1 and pocket the left over $2 as his “tip.”

So, if each man paid $10, but got $1 back, each paid a total of $9. That means that 3 men paid $9 for a total of $27. The Bell Hop stole $2, which brings the total to $29. Right?

So where is the missing $1?