Insurance Consultant Touts Credentials

Recently, at a Special Called School Board Meeting, a member of the school board asked their insurance consultant if he was to receive any fees whatsoever from any source other than the fee paid to him by the district. His response was:

“Just as background, just so’s you’ll know, about ah oh early mid 90’s there was a great deal of concern in the insurance industry about whether or not an individual’s licensed as an agent or licensed as a consultant. So working with the State Insurance Board, we came up with license a requirement for health insurance counselor specifically (to health insurance)   I worked with the State Board of Insurance in developing that program and approached them also with the requirements of that process because we were having a great deal of trouble with consultants that were getting paid *********.   I work very closely with the Department of Insurance ******* fraud to help resolve those things that occurred throughout the state *******   That can be confirmed very easily.   *******”

So, we tried to confirm this.

Here are the Facts:

Texas Department of Insurance has been issuing Life & Health Couselor License since the 1980’s. The consultant stated that he worked with TDI in the 1990’s to develop the license. He was granted a Life & Health Counselor license on 8-21-2002.

We report, you decide.

Editor’s Note: The transcript above was from a tape of the meeting obtained by our staff this morning. The redacted parts of the transcript were parts of the tape that were overridden by exclamations of disbelief of the person taping the meeting. Excerpts of the redacted parts went something like this: Damn, I cant believe he said that!

A careful review of the entire tape reveals disturbing contridictions which we will not get into here. We believe a more formal setting for review and discussion is appropriate.



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