Molly Mulebrier Returns From Secret Assignment

Molly Mulebrier returned today from a secret undercover assignment and is being debriefed by our staff. Contrary to published reports, Ms. Mulbrier was not on assignment to the Congo and was not banished from this blog – that was a brilliant ruse initiated by the editorial staff here to throw off private investigators and insurance brokers seeking the Brownsville Independent School health insurance contract.

Although our debriefing is not complete at this time, we are encouraged at the amount of factual information our investigative reporter has obtained. Actuarial data dating back to 1999 has surfaced, for the first time. This is a significant discovery with tremendous implications to the integrety of the request for proposal process.

As location, location, location applies to real estate, data, data, data applies to underwriting a competitive group health insurance program. He who has data wins, he who has good data wins a lot, and he who has real time data wins all the time.

We expect Mulebrier’s debriefing to continue over the weekend. Our team of private investigators have sworn an oath of secrecy until all┬áinformation can be confirmed by Don Pedro and his editorial staff.

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