I Want You To Know But I’m Not Gonna Tell You

Have you ever received an email so compelling you want to know more? You like the message, but wonder “What the Hell is this all about?” So you click on the link provided hoping to learn something new and exciting that will help your clients save money on health care. But doing so may have provided a complete stranger a door without a lock to your basement vault.

The message is vague. A link to their website gives clues but nothing you can write home about. It’s intended to be that way. That’s because they want you to know but they don’t want to tell you.

Below is an example of an email we received this morning:

This renewal cycle, business-as-usual just won’t cut it. Offer your clients a way to save costs, improve health benefits, and build yourself a competitive advantage.

Nonstop Health is a proven first-dollar coverage health benefits solution that can lower premiums, and improve benefits. The good news – there is still plenty of time to evaluate this solution ahead of your upcoming renewals.

With Nonstop Health, organizations with 50 or more employees on benefits can have:

  • Savings on health insurance premiums
  • Reduced or eliminated employee out-of-pocket costs
  • No disruption to current medical carriers or providers, and Nonstop can work directly with you, the benefits broker

Ready to explore a better way to offer health insurance? Click Here to learn more about our health insurance solution or download this guide to learn more about alternative approaches to funding health insurance.

Editor’s Note: We have no idea what this offering is all about. It may be the best thing since sliced bread. Go ahead and clink on their link and let us know what you find out.