How ObamaCare Will Lead To A Single Payer Entitlement Program For All Americans

As ObamaCare finally kicks in over the next 14 months, the financial  impact on working Americans will become apparent (non-working Americans get free stuff so they don’t get impacted at all in a negative sort of way). The few health insurance carriers stupid enough to stay in the health insurance business will necessarily increase rates to new highs.

As this unfolds,  a hue and cry will arise from the masses, pointing to greedy health insurance companies as the main culprit to unaffordable health care. A demand for a single payer, “free” health care for all will become reality in short order.

It is already starting in Wisconsin:

Editor’s Note: As gasoline prices continue to soar, gas stations will become a target of consumer rage. Demands for government takeover of gas stations will reach a fever pitch. As more and more gas stations exit the market, 48% of Americans will demand free gas – after all, with a free cell phone to call for emergency health care, you need gas to get there. (What about a free car, Uncle Hermann? Free gas wont do any good without a car!)