Emails Are Forever Imbedded In The Public Domain

By Molly Mulebriar
 November is Lawsuit Awareness Month in the insurance community. As a public service reminder, members of the insurance community are encouraged to read Chapter 21 of the Texas Insurance Code. Highlights include: – No one may make, publish, disseminate, or circulate in a publication, notice, or over a redio or television station, or place before the public in any manner, an advertisement which contains any information which is untrue, deceptive, or misleading about the business of insurance or any person engaged in it. – No one may publish, disseminate, or circulate, any oral or written statement which  is false, maliciously critical of, or derogatory to the financial condition of any insurer, and which is calculated to injure any person engaged in the insurance business. – No one may commit, or agree to commit in concert with others, any act of boycott, coercion, or intimidation resulting in or tending to result in a monopoly or an unreasonable restraint of trade in the business of insurance.
 Mulbriar’s Tip of The Day – be careful what you write in emails – never write an email that could hurt you, no matter who you send it to. Emails are forever and are the first thing a plaintiff’s attorney will ask for in discovery.