How Can A $1 Million Drug Suddenly Become “Free?”

Why was her employer’s small group plan paying for it? And now it’s “free”?

By Jody Bright

Who Benefits? Who would deny them?

An individual is dependent upon a “lifesaving” drug. The “plan” makes this access possible. It just so happens that this drug costs $1 million dollars per year.

Who would deny this woman? Is she not entitled? Yet the benefits and compensation “bucket” makes the benevolent sacrifice for this dear person. What grace!

An advocate for affordable drugs comes along and secures an arrangement with the manufacturer of that drug and she gets it, from now on, at no cost, for “free”.

Why does this option exist and if it were available all along why was her employer’s small group plan paying for it? And now it’s “free”? How can a million dollar drug suddenly become “free”?

Now the woman is also free from her requirement to maintain her employment and leaves that employment. This is a true story.

There’s an old and painfully trite saying to the effect of “following the money”.

Are these plans not at least convenient if not a conspiracy to pilfer huge sums of money in the name of the “unfortunate”? Indeed, who would deny her? How convenient for the recipient, or recipients, of these truly huge sums of money. Yet denying them is “immoral”? How convenient, indeed. When these medical plans disappear million dollar pharmaceuticals become “free”!

Who believes this?

Indeed, what is “moral” about this situation?

Somebody is making out like bandits. And I assure you that “trail” is not a short one.