Highlight Health Can Offer Significant Savings Over Reference Based Pricing

What kind of strategy saves money over Reference Based Pricing schemes? That’s probably what you’ll be wondering after reading this latest blog posting and a visit to Highlight Health’s website. That’s on purpose. But we know the secret – can you guess what it is? Hint: Doug Aldeen, famed Austin, Texas ERISA attorney is considered by many to be the Godfather who started this national movement………………..

Highlight ADVANTAGE gives self-funded health plans the ability to lower claim costs significantly. We have provided clients with savings of over 25% and as much as 90% or more over reference-based and contractually allowed pricing on major and minor claims alike.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. Our ethical approach to healthcare means we only make money when you save.

Our Advocates connect people to services and resources. Through comprehensive education, training, and robust resources, they protect your rights. They ensure your care is billed fairly and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Whether you are a self-funded health plan or an individual on one of our group plans, we save you money so you can focus on getting and staying healthy – a win-win across the board.

Who is eligible for the Highlight Advantage?

Plan sponsors with self-funded health plans and their covered plan members.

When can I implement the Highlight Advantage?

At any time during the plan year.

Is there an implementation cost for Highlight Advantage?

There are no setup costs to add the program.

How does the Highlight Advantage work?

The process begins with a Highlight Advocate who educates, evaluates each member’s circumstances, and aids from the initial interaction through the proper resolution of each case they manage for the member.

How long does the entire process typically take?

The process usually takes 45-90 days after a claim is identified. Highlight Health has built best practices that when followed, reduces  the resolution time.

Highlight Advantage