Health Insurance No Longer Exists

By Molly Mulebriar

Health insurance in this country no longer exists. It has become nothing more than a highly regulated entitlement, a government utility subjecting employers to punishing government mandates and sanctions if they don’t conform.

Freedom to choose or not to choose insurance without the threat of government punishment is gone. Freedom to choose the plan of benefits that are best for you are gone too because insurers can only offer benefits within narrow parameters and to do otherwise makes the plan illegal and turns purveyors into criminals.

Employers offering group health insurance are effectively placing themselves at great risk of punishing government sanctions. Government mandates include benefits some plans don’t need or want yet they must pay for them. Medical care givers have no financial accountability by hiding behind managed care contracts we can’t see nor audit.

Government interference in the private sector always brings higher costs. Federally guaranteed student loans have increased tuition, government funded food stamps have increased the cost of groceries, and it’s unquestionably true with government interference in health care.

Moving business operations overseas is becoming a risk management tool of last resort. And it works.