Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company

Founded in 1938, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company (GRS) is a national actuarial and benefits consulting company. GRS is dedicated to bringing clients innovative, sustainable solutions that the company helps put into action.

The company supports the long-term success of pension, OPEB, and health and welfare benefit plans.  Our associates deliver high-quality services that reflect GRS’ core values, which include professionalism and ethics in all aspects of business. The company attracts and retains the best talent in the industry by providing a collaborative work environment that respects the diversity and professional aspirations of our associates.

More than 80 years ago, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company’s (GRS) founders made a commitment to their clients to help defined benefit plans succeed. As a nationally recognized leader in the actuarial and benefits consulting industry, we will continue to commit our talent and resources to this effort.

Mark Randall, CEO, states that “GRS is built upon a rock solid set of core values that have never wavered. Respect, professionalism, quality, and innovation are the reasons that GRS will continue to serve the public sector better than any other company and I am proud and fortunate to be a part of such a premier organization.”

Over the years, public employee retirement systems have become an integral part of employers’ total compensation plans. Defined benefit plans for governmental employees, overall, have been very successful. They have managed to meet the goals of intergenerational equity while still providing a reasonable standard of living for retirees. We believe our work has helped clients meet their employees’ retirement goals. In addition, we are proud to work with industry associations that support defined benefit plans through educational opportunities.

GRS President, Judith Kermans noted, “I am honored to help our clients develop benefit programs that preserve the financial security of millions of governmental employees. GRS has an unmatched reputation for providing unbiased and independent actuarial advice using the best client service teams available in the industry.”

We thank you for entrusting us as your actuary and consultant. GRS looks forward to serving you for decades to come.