Firm Offers Direct Provider Contracting for Employers

GM&A is a leader in direct contracting between employers and healthcare providers……

In 1999 several large progressive-thinking employers approached GM&A because they felt victimized by the increasingly hyper-expensive healthcare industry. They wanted to know if we could help arrest the growth of soaring medical expenditures.

GM&A orchestrated a plan that drastically reduced employers’ healthcare spending without changing benefits. Since that time, GM&A has reduced health care costs for those companies by millions of dollars annually.

GM&A is a leader in direct contracting between employers and healthcare providers.  Since GM&A consists of a team with years of experience in the field of healthcare, managed care and healthcare administration GM&A understands the financial operations of the healthcare industry. With this knowledge GM&A can successfully build custom networks that meet the needs of your health plan.  GM&A has over 100 years of combined experience in the area of healthcare administration, medicine, nursing, member services, quality improvement and medical insurance.

Michael Jenike, CEO

  Mr. Jenike has a Masters in Hospital Administration and over 30 years of experience in Health Care Administration. This includes the position of Chief Executive Officer in Acute Care Hospitals and Managed Care Organizations. His tenure in hospitals led not only to their financial success but to innovations in health care delivery.

Mr. Jenike has owned or managed Health Maintenance Organizations, Physician Hospital Organizations, Independent Physicians Associations and Preferred Provider Organizations. His experience includes providing consulting and management services for employee benefits and diverse insurance services for large and small employers in both the private and government sectors. Mr. Jenike’s knowledge and robust negotiation skills aided in the development and management of health care insurance products that were beneficial to both the employers and their employees.

He is licensed as a General Lines Insurance Agent.

David Herbert MD, GM&A Medical Consultant, Former GM&A President of Medical Administration

 Dr. Herbert is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and also Health Care Quality and Management. He has practiced Medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Herbert has served as the Chief of Staff in a Hospital and as a Hospital Board Member. He is experienced in General Medicine and Medical Utilization Review.

Dr. Herbert has also served as a professional consultant for the Texas Medical Board. He brings a wealth of experience in Hospital negotiations.

Dr. Herbert has played a major role in assuring GM&A’s clients that their contracted rates are well below national network rates. As a fellow physician, he understands the needs of medical providers in the contracting process.

Dr. Herbert also plays a large role in the management of large medical claims and directing members to the most cost effective care. He holds a Texas Medical License and is an active member of the American Medical Association and Texas Medical Association.

A wise choice in managed health care

 While health care costs are literally burning up dollars, many employers see only two answers: reduce benefits or increase premiums. The professionals at GM&A offer a real alternative. By creating a custom network for you, we will substantially reduce employer and employee’s medical costs and not change benefits!

GM&A is a team of genuine medical insiders. We have over a century of combined experience in the areas of hospital administration, medicine, nursing and medical insurance.

We’ve been helping employers and their employees for over fifteen years. We put our expertise to work for you. We can develop custom networks that are uniquely suited to any geographical region and/or employee needs, as well as offer consulting service, auditing, or fully insured products. Through a combination of substantive negotiations with providers and vigilant plan monitoring, we are able to produce immediate and long-term reductions in you medical costs. Again, this is without changing current employee benefits.

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