Direct Primary Care For Poor People

At the time of its 2021 funding, Cityblock , a $5.7 billion startup company, cited a 15% reduction in emergency room visits and a 20% reduction in in-patient hospital stays among its first generation of members.

For many start-ups, a business plan begins with a focus on the higher-end consumer, and only once successful, the ability to scale and expand down market profitably. For Cityblock Health, the initial business model is built on a different concept: tackling a major problem for lower-income consumers head-on.

CITYBLOCK Health Raises $400 Million Dollars

By Heather Landi

Cityblock Health has raised $400 million in its latest funding round. This brings the value of the startup to a whopping $5.7 billion. The company focuses on delivering care to patients in marginalized groups, aiming to provide care for 10 million patients by the end of the decade. Two key parts of the company’s strategy is integrating community support into care plans and connecting members with resources and specialized providers.

According to a spokesperson for Cityblock Health, “We can confirm that Cityblock has raised a new round of capital as we continue to accelerate our plans to empower more people across the country more quickly. Millions of marginalized and lower-income people across the U.S., including those who receive their healthcare through Medicaid plans, continue to lack sufficient access to integrated, community-based health services. We are leveraging this investment to reach more people and have an even greater impact.”

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