The War On Drugs Is A Never Ending Battle

We partner with select benefit consultants, PBMs, and TPAs in an effort to provide the most competitive pricing for expensive specialty and name brand medications.

Rather than have your PBM source all of your Specialty Medications, Scriptsourcing  will attempt to source these medications at a significant savings – typically 50-75%. ScriptSourcing does not charge an administrative or set up fee. Our interests are completely aligned with our client’s.

Name brand medication costs are increasing…13% per year……HAD ENOUGH?

HELLO WILLIAM – I noticed you have an interest in ScriptSourcing… which likely means you appreciate new and creative ways to manage risk.  

With renewal season approaching, I wanted to make sure you were aware that we recently introduced solutions to help:

  • Manage high $ medical claims (GovGuidance)
  • Eliminate member hospital debt (Debt Dismissal)
  • Access stop loss decrements (SL Platform)

Paige Dever Boer – Director of Business Development, ScriptSourcing


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