Daddy, What Do PBMs Do?

Little Johnny asks his savvy health insurance broker father “Daddy, what to PBMs do?

“They stack the deck, deal the cards, and skim the profits ” his father says.

“Ok, I get it!” says Little Johnny. “Isn’t that kind of like what your do Daddy?”

“No son, not since the government passed all these new disclosure laws.”

“Ok, I get it. You used to be a card dealer like the PBMs but now your a croupier, right Daddy!”

Kids are curious creatures and models of creative thinking years before most are conditioned otherwise.

Post Script – Despite as hard as they tried, Little Johnny’s college professors were never successful in conditioning him otherwise. He grew up to be a free thinking, fee based insurance advisor with highly honed critical thinking skills. Little Johnny currently resides in Waring, Texas with Molly Mulebriar and her three dogs.