CVS Fires Nurse Practitioner

Paige Casey – Child Loving Nurse Practitioner

A Virginia nurse practitioner has filed a lawsuit against the CVS drugstore chain after she claims the company fired her for refusing to provide abortion-inducing drugs, a service that violated her religious beliefs.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing nurse practitioner Paige Casey filed suit in Prince William County Virginia Circuit Court against MinuteClinic, which they allege fired Casey, a practicing Catholic, when she did not provide customers with abortion drugs.

The lawsuit alleges that MinuteClinic had previously respected Casey’s Catholic faith for several years when it came to providing drugs that would induce an abortion and had even given her a merit-based pay raise just two days before firing her.

“MinuteClinic abruptly stopped respecting Mrs. Casey’s religious beliefs in December 2021 and fired her on April 1, 2022, solely for refusing to prescribe abortion-causing drugs,” the lawsuit states. “That wrongful discharge for refusal to participate in abortion violated the express provisions of, and public policy in, Virginia’s Conscience Clause (Va. Code § 18.2-75), causing Mrs. Casey extensive monetary and other damage. This lawsuit seeks to remedy the injuries Mrs. Casey suffered to her conscience rights and the related costly harms.”

Catholic Virginia nurse practitioner says CVS fired her for not providing abortion drugs: lawsuit | Fox News