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A strategic ‘think-tank and back-office’ for brokers and benefits advisors

CHICAGO, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Affordable Care Act marks the largest change in employer-provided health benefits in nearly seven decades, igniting profound restructuring of benefits programs and delivery. As a result, insurance brokers and benefits advisors are increasingly relied upon to navigate these complex changes for clients, requiring innovative, consultative services and solutions. Code SixFour, a benefits services and technology solutions provider, is providing innovative solutions to help brokers meet these new demands, and establish themselves as high-performing agencies and trusted advisors, helping employers navigate the new legislation.

Launched in 2013 by veteran industry experts, Code SixFour offers a proprietary benefits consulting platform available to brokers via annual membership, and allows them access to the latest information, research and tools on regulatory changes and private industry trends. All material is customized to their clients, to help them meet their clients’ needs and provide expert counsel and advice on the changing healthcare landscape.

“We believe any disruptive change in the insurance industry presents an opportunity, and health care reform is no exception. Our goal is to ensure brokers and insurance agents capitalize on the opportunities presented to them, and ultimately grow their business by becoming the next generation benefit advisor,” said Eric Rentsch, Co-founder and President of Code SixFour. “With reform comes the need to convey information to employers or consumers in a way that is relevant, easy-to-understand, and compliant. This is a challenge for many advisors, and why we’ve built a software platform that offers quick, easy delivery of customized reports and materials specific to brokers’ clients.”

In addition to powerful software solutions, Code SixFour offers its membership base in-depth research and forward-thinking industry insights through a suite of services that can generate up-to-date information about the benefits options and choices available in the marketplace including:

  • Benefits Advisory Methodology™ – a world-class advisor tool kit for problem solving and presentation development on health and benefits strategies
  • Health Care Reform Analyzer – a client–specific presentation generator covering every regulatory element of health care reform, in a rigorous cost and compliance analysis
  • Benefits Benchmark Tool – an analysis of a client’s current plan and provide a gap analysis using benchmark data specific to their industry and company size
  • Small Employer Solutions Designer – a custom presentation for small group clients to explore four benefits strategies: drop coverage, defined contribution, traditional plan or self-fund
  • Voluntary Benefits Recommendation Engine – an analytics based engine that can compare a client’s to benchmark data to recommend the right supplemental coverage their employees will want to purchase
  • Demographic Analyzer – based on client demographics, a custom presentation generator describing key attributes about employees to inform recommended plan designs

“Having spent many years in the insurance industry, our team thinks like brokers do, and have a keen understanding of the unique challenges and needs they face,” says Eric Rentsch. “We view ourselves as a strategic ‘think-tank and back-office’ for brokers and benefits advisors that enables a more effective client retention and prospecting strategy. Utilizing the resources of Code SixFour, brokers can be confident that they are providing critical information to drive their business relationships.”

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Code SixFour is a Chicago-based technology and advisory services firm that empowers the success of all insurance agents and benefits brokers to deliver better benefits outcomes to employers. By combining engaging professional development with simple and powerful technology tools, independent advisors can make their work more effective, research-based, and differentiated in the market.

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