Caprock Health Group Announces Addition Of Bob Brennan As Vice President Of Operations

Lubbock, TX/San Antonio, TX – July 22, 2013 – The Caprock Health Group is pleased to announce the addition of Bob Brennan as VP of Operations.  Mr. Brennan’s hiring is part of the Caprock Health Group’s ongoing strategy to expand its market presence and attract the most-talented and experienced professionals.  In this role Mr. Brennan will be responsible for all aspects of plan operations for both the Lubbock and San Antonio operations centers of the companies.

Prior to joining Caprock Health Group, Mr. Brennan has held key executive management roles related to plan operations with various organizations in the industry.  He is an expert in metric driven management and process oriented applications related to self-funded health plan services.  He has more than 25 years of industry experience and has built his career on the basis of superior customer service and high quality, effective claim operations.

As a new member of the Caprock Health Group, Bob will be an integral part of the executive management team and will help further solidify the company’s position as an industry leading health care services organization.

About Caprock

Caprock Health Group is a health care services organization comprised of affiliated companies working in close coordination to provide an effective integrated solution for employers and insurance brokers who want the very best in self-funded health plan management and fully insured plan access.  Caprock Health Group offers a full suite of products which are designed to provide each employer maximum cost savings.  Our focus is helping employers manage long-term health care costs by empowering employees through education, creating healthier consumers, and incorporating highly effective cost containment strategies.

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