Caprock Health Group Acquires Verity National Group


Lubbock, TX/San Antonio, TX – July 22, 2013 – Caprock Health Group announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Verity National Group, an established health plan services company based in San Antonio, Texas.  The acquisition makes Caprock Health Group one of the largest health care services organizations in the region.

The acquisition will continue Caprock Health Group’s strategic initiative related to geographic expansion, product diversification and growth.  The merger of Caprock and Verity will enhance the Caprock Health Group’s position as an industry leader in innovative plan management and cost containment services.

“Verity is a great complement to the Caprock organization from many perspectives.  They have a strong team of experienced staff and great leadership who know our industry and have a history of successfully serving agents and employers in the areas of self-funded plan administrative services, care management services, ancillary product services and online eligibility/consolidated billing,” said David Adams, CEO of Caprock Health Group.

Mr. Adams said a component of the current Verity operation, specializing in eligibility management and related technology services, will continue to be marketed under the Verity nameplate by Caprock.  He said Laurie Burke will remain the President of that Verity unit, and also will serve the Caprock Health Group as a Senior Consultant.

Ms. Burke said, “We’re honored to be a part of the Caprock enterprise.  Together, we offer the broadest range of services in Texas and the Southwest.”

About Verity

Verity National Group has provided insurance services from its Central Texas base since the late 1980s.  The firm serves a mix of carrier, TPA, agency, and public and private employer clients – providing Group Health, Work Injury, and CDHP administrative services.  Its sister firm, VIP Care Management, received the top national award in 2010 for its health management program.  Verity’s increasing focus in recent years has been on data exchange and technology services.

About Caprock

Caprock Health Group is a health care services organization comprised of affiliated companies working in close coordination to provide an effective integrated solution for employers and insurance brokers who want the very best in self-funded health plan management and fully insured plan access.  Caprock Health Group offers a full suite of products which are designed to provide each employer maximum cost savings.  Our focus is helping employers manage long-term health care costs by empowering employees through education, creating healthier consumers, and incorporating highly effective cost containment strategies.

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