CA Services, LLC – Stop Loss Experts

Bob Calvisi

Bob is highly regarded in the stop-loss community for presenting easy-to-underwrite submissions, and educating underwriting on the vendor and health system values that benefit the employer group and the carrier.

Stop-Loss Coverage Marketing & Placement


  • Level Funding with 100% Surplus Returns
    • 5 to 150 Covered Employees – PPO & Reference-Based Pricing
  • Aggregate Only Level Funding – Reference-Based Pricing
  • Traditional Specific & Aggregate Coverage (Advance Funding Options)
  • Specific Only Coverage
  • Aggregate Only Coverage – Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Organ Transplant Carve-Out Coverage – Eliminate High-Cost Risk
  • Virtual Telehealth Program, including over 300 free prescriptions
  • Hospital Bill Eraser Program

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