Blue Cross Fails To Control Health Care Costs Under Federal Employee Health Plan

Blue Cross announces a 2023 rate increase for millions of federal workers proving once again managed care’s failure to control health care costs.

When it comes to controlling costs size doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile in hamlets across the fruited plain, small to medium size employers, led by health care revolutionaries, with a flaming torch in one hand and the Health Rosetta in the other, are proving health care can be fixed by lowering costs and increasing benefits at the same time.

2023 FEHB Premium Increases for Federal Employees Under Blue Cross Blue Shield

2023 FEHB premiums are increasing considerably. How much more will federal employees under the nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield programs have to pay?

Turd Polish Method Of Selling A Rate Increase

One method to soft sell a rate increase is to add more benefits? How much is adding blood pressure monitors for pregnant women (as opposed to pregnant men), and post birth mental health support (is that for the mother or father?) is part of a 7-8% overall rate increase? Molly Mulebriar, frequent contributor to this blog and expert in all things insurance opines its about 0.0005%.

“In a press release, Blue Cross Blue Shield touted expanded benefits for some of its programs under FEHB. These included providing blood pressure monitors to pregnant women, postnatal mental health support, and coverage for certain weight loss drugs. Of course, as more options are added under health insurance plans, it drives up costs and premiums across the board, even for participants who are not using the covered services.”

But don’t worry says Blue Cross! Someone else is paying most of the increase so it’s “not a bad deal”:

“The federal government pays for about 70% of the total cost of insurance it is providing to its current and former employees. Federal employees and retirees only pay for about 30% of the total cost, so while health insurance costs increase each year, it is not a bad deal overall since the government covers so much of the costs.”

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