A Solution For The Brownsville ISD Health Plan?

The Brownsville Independent School District’s self-funded health plan continues to operate in the red. The district contributes +$600 per employee per month but its not enough.

The BISD might be wise to consider a Health Savings Account compatible health plan. A qualified fully insured Blue Cross High Deductible Health Plan with a $3,000 deductible is guaranteed to cost no more than $374 per employee per month for Plan Year 2023-2024.

The district could fund a Health Savings Account for each employee by the difference between the district’s current contribution and $374, or almost $250 per month. That’s about $3,000 per year gifted into a Health Savings Account for each of the district’s +8,000 employees.

Each year the district could contribute another $3,000 into each Health Savings Account. Ownership of these tax free accounts belong to each employee. Unused dollars can count towards tax free retirement benefits.

HSAs are the best tax free investment vehicles known to mankind. Tax free in and tax free out.