Mexican Prescription Drugs May Be Harmful To Your Health

A pharmacy in Nuevo Progreso. (Veronica G. Cardenas / For The Times)

“Her son had stopped at two drugstores in Nuevo Progreso, picking up Xanax at one and Percocet at the other. While the Xanax may have been legitimate, the Percocet was not.”

Residents in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas often go across the river to Nuevo Progresso Mexico for needed health care including prescription drugs. Prescription drugs cost a lot less in Mexico. A Z-Pak costs $10. Cheap antibiotics cost less. No prescription needed.

Nuevo Progresso is easy access from across the Valley. But a recent article in the Los Angeles Times is sending a warning………………………

Fentanyl-laced pills kept killing even after feds knew of threat – Los Angeles Times (