World’s Biggest Liar Contest


By Molly Mulebriar

The World’s Biggest Liar contest is to be held next month at the Bridge Inn, Stanton Bridge, England. The contest is held every year in November. Politicians and lawyers are not allowed to enter the competition because “they are judged to be too skilled of telling porkies.”

However, insurance agents, brokers, consultants, TPA’s and carrier representatives qualify, although some thought was given to excluding them too.

The Board of Directors, in a narrow one vote margin, agreed to allow Texas insurance insiders to participate this year after hearing the exploits of one “seasoned” insurance worker from the Lone Star state. Skilled at lying to attract and retain business, playing on the ignorance of unsuspecting prey, this ingenious fabricator of fiction is considered a perfect candidate for the Bridge Inn contest. Smart money has 5 to 1 odds on a Texas win this year.

We have no idea who this Texas Wonder is. Could it be someone from the Dennis Clan?  –

Suggested topics can include (1). How I get clients to pay more for less, and get them to give me referrals and recommendations at the same time, (2). How to earn twice as much as is fully disclosed while making clients believe I earn a competitive fee , (3).  How I am totally independent through financial alliances with undisclosed partners, (4). How I only work through independent brokers who I pick for my clients, (5).  How I never go around brokers or deal direct by going around brokers and dealing direct ,without client knowledge, (6). How to fabricate market intelligence to gain the advantage, and finally (7). How to lie your way to success in sales in an honest and open way.

Continuous lying somehow ends up becoming the truth in the eyes of the purveyor and ultimately in the eyes of the unsuspecting prey. Tell a story enough times and it becomes gospel. A good example is the  Johnson vs Stevenson, 1948 Texas senate primary : Johnson purchased radio and paper advertisements linking his opponent to union alliances which was totally untrue. Stevenson, being the gentleman he was, refused to answer those charges as he felt it would give credence to the lies. After months of hearing the lies, with no rebuttle offered by Stevenson, many voters turned to believe that “Mr. Texas” was a union man.

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