Will Harlandale ISD Follow Edgewood ISD And Adopt Cost Plus Insurance?


Harlandale Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas is currently seeking a qualified insurance consultant to assist the district in evaluating their group medical insurance program. Cost Plus Insurance will be a consideration this year.

Edgewood ISD, another San Antonio based school district converted their fully-insured Blue Cross health plan to Cost Plus Insurance six months ago.

Cost Plus Insurance has become a competitive product with numerous TPA’s in the market. Fees to administer the program can vary significantly depending upon the source.

Two school districts in South Texas who implemented their Cost Plus Insurance program three years ago  recently reduced their administration fees by 50% by changing to another TPA and audit company through a competitive bid process.

Will Edgewood ISD do the same this year?

Editor’s Note: For information on Cost Plus Insurance, visit www.costplusinsurance.com