Why Was News of India’s Success With Ivermectin Suppressed?

I have grown more cynical as this Pandemic became politicized. Therefore this sentence is even more alarming…


Seems credible, but I haven’t seen any of the “controlled” studies they purport to have performed in India that substantiate its effectiveness.  This certainly isn’t mainstream, but there has been anecdotal evidence around for awhile about this drug.  The FDA has a neutral recommendation for it – no evidence that it’s effective, but no evidence that it’s not.  Let’s see how this plays out over the next few months.  There certainly is a huge financial incentive to discredit Invermectin.

The message below is from our Director of Operations:

Great story on Ivermectin, its background (discovered on golf course in Tokyo), and its impact in India when they disregarded the WHO and started treating CV19 patients (with illness and without) with Ivermectin. There are now numerous studies supporting the use of Ivermectin in treating CV19 patients. The studies started in April 2020 and, after more than 60 studies, all reached the same conclusion – Ivermectin is safe and highly effective against CV19.

I have grown more cynical as this Pandemic became politicized. Therefore this sentence is even more alarming…

Why would this information be suppressed by our media outlets? Well, under the FDA’s rules, an emergency use authorization (EUA) like the ones given for the three main experimental gene therapy vaccines can only remain in force so long as there is not a superior alternative therapy available. When you consider that the absolute risk reduction from taking Ivermectin as a COVID prophylaxis is far superior to that of the products from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, the justification for administering these experimental treatments disappears.


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