Why Can’t Plan Sponsors Pay Cash For Healthcare Services With QR Codes?

Yesterday Rhea Campbell, Co-founder ImagineMd sent a note that caught my interest:

“We are using QR codes to load plan funds to obtain cash pay pricing. We’re about to go live with a plan on 7/1 that has this option. We trigger the loading when we want to refer for imaging or mammogram for example. Cash pay for these services is slightly less than RBP so we’ll drive even more cost savings.”

I had never thought of that yet I see customers at Starbucks transact business the same way all the time. So why not health care too?

Read more about how QR codes can facilitate Healthcare Services (QR) transactions here:

The Quick Response (QR) technology is an innovative way of making transactions easier. It is now widely used in many fields like business, education, fitness, the arts, and so on. In this article, we will learn why QR technology is the future of hospitals and healthcare services. Read on for ideas on where to use QR Code in hospitals.

Healthcare is one of the services that requires speed. Most of the issues faced by its workers are life-or-death situations. For this reason, shifting to a QR-powered service will be a great decision. This will help keep transactions effortless, efficient, and effective, and might potentially save a patient from danger.

To create a QR code for healthcare purposes, simply go to qr-cloud.com. It is a code-generating website that offers you a variety of designs, templates, and colors. It also has different QR types to make sure that your scannable code is one of a kind. Just remember to run a scan test before putting it to use to see if the QR code will work.