West Texas Doctor Says We Are Treating Covid 19 Wrong


SOURCE: Mike Reagan on Linkedin

“This West Texas doctor says he has a low cost cure for Covid-19 (Budesonide), we don’t need a vaccine and the “stay at home, shut down businesses mentality” is politically motivated. He further states that the way we are treating Covid is wrong.”

“Please watch this video and share your thoughts on this amazing news story” – Mike Reagan, CBPA


I saw this yesterday.  He may have a point about treating with an oral inhaled steroid.  But it hasn’t been proven yet.  He has some anecdotal stories only.  I did some research myself on this yesterday, and it may be that ciclesonide may actually be better in that this drug has demonstrated some antiviral activity that the budesonide apparently doesn’t have.  We may find out about this in the next 60 days as there is a clinical trial going on.  Clinically, it makes sense, but we’ll have to see.