US Health Insurance Companies Eye Overseas Opportunities

With the Health Care Reform Bill passage, some U.S. health insurance companies are eyeing lucrative overseas opportunities with renewed interest.  While the U.S. market accounts for 80% of the global health insurance market, it represents only 4.6% of the world’s population. Opportunities abound overseas.

India and Turkey tops Cigna’s list of countries it plans to soon focus on. That would add to its current presence in 27 countries and jurisdictions. Cigna stepped into the Chinese market in 2003 in a joint venture with an affiliate of the China Merchant Group. Today Cigna has 10 offices and nearly 2,400 employees in China.

Humana and United HealthCare are expanding their business model overseas as well.

Aetna has entered the Chinese market and currently has approximately 400,000 members enrolled.  Wellpoint has too.

American health insurers will compete with BUPA for global market share.

Editor’s Note: Business opportunities abound for those that have the ability to marry needs to solutions in an economical feasible manner.