UHC Solves Healthcare?

UHC Tacitly Admits Not All Providers Cost The Same………………………

How to save money on health care? First, identify all the cheap providers. Second, from that list pick out the ones that graduated at the top of their class. Then bundle them all together and brand them the Gold Star Value Network.

How not to save money on health care? Create a network populated with every provider on the planet and call them “Preferred Providers.”

“Employers have not aggressively leveraged network strategies that limit provider availability in the past, in part due to concerns of how employees would respond to the changes or reductions in their health plan’s provider networks.” (MOTHERHOOD)

“While employees generally value broader networks, more and more employees are looking to better manage their health care dollar, especially given heightened economic pressures. For example, employees reported that cost (36%) has overtaken the choice of providers (20%) as the main reason they chose their health plan.” (MONEY AFFECTS BEHAVIOUR)

Network configurations may help improve care quality while reducing costs | Brokers | UnitedHealthcare (uhc.com)