Underwriting TRS ActiveCare Alternative Commercial Health Plans

TRS ActiveCare will not release claim experience for those districts who wish to offer a competitive commercial health plan alternative. Since experience rating is not possible in these cases, some other way must be employed to underwrite the risk.

Health questionaires is one method. However we have found members will lie, omit, or refuse to answer personal health questionaires. This is not a perfect science in underwriting a group health insurance plan.

Census data, underwriting questionaires, plan benefits all are taken into consideration towards risk evaluation. If risk is accepted, it’s necessarily loaded by taking into account the lying, omissions and refusal of prospective plan members to disclose health conditions.

There has to be a better way!

There is…………………..through innovative technology.

A database of 4,000+ behavioral attributes on more than 250M individuals is used in lieu of experience rating and/or underwriting off medical questionaires.

No claims experience? No problem……………